No-Sweat Diamond Grip

No-Sweat Diamond Grip


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PROLITE No Sweat Diamond Grip

  • Designed for ultimate tackiness that channels sweat away from your grip
  • The BEST grip for the most sweaty and hot conditions
  • Aggressive, diamond shaped traction designed for maximum control and less torque in hand at ball impact
  • Cushioned surface offers comfort and a firmer feel
  • Rubberized texture increasing your firm hold of the paddle
  • No grip on the market comes close to the comfort, strength, and durability of the No Sweat Diamond Grip

PROLITE offers a variety of grips with specific comfort levels and desired levels of tackiness. From super soft to extra tacky, perforated and absorbent to vibration dampening, PROLITE has the grip that suits your needs.

-Replacement grip

-Extra long

-2.5cmWide, 110cmLong, 1.8mmThick


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