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Whats better than a nice bike ride down your favorite road? An electric bike ride down that same road 🙂 Our line of affordable electric bikes will get you outside and around town with ease. 

All of our ebikes come with a 1 year warranty and a free tune up for the those local customers! We have everything from your small folding ebike up to your full suspension mountain bikes. 

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We all love a great road or mountain bike and the workouts they can provide, but there are times when a bike needs to provide more for its riders. That’s when you might want to consider investing in a pedal assist E-bike, which can be found for less than a high-end road bike, even though it can do so much more.

For those who enjoy spending time outdoors but want a different way to ride, E-bikes can transform the way you put the pedal to the metal. Our mountain bike-style E-bikes have fat tires that offer a sturdy ride that can handle even the toughest of terrain, while our beach cruiser E-bikes make it easy to scout around town, grabbing groceries for an oceanfront picnic or picking up your favorite beach gear and souvenirs.

If you’re vacationing and want to see more of your surroundings, an electric bike can be the perfect solution, especially since they can travel down the narrow roads that are common in beachfront towns.

It allows you to choose how you ride, whether that means riding with full electric power, pedaling with an electric assist – perfect for handling tough hills that can set your thighs on fire – or pedaling without assistance if you are more into getting the great workout cycling can provide.

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