Vanhunks Pike 9'8 Fin Drive Fishing Kayak

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Brand: Vanhunks

The Vanhunks 9’8ft Pike fishing kayak is designed for speed, comfort, stability, and manoeuvrability on flat water and the ocean.

The Pike is standard fitted with a removable Tool Pod, and this is where adaptability and versatility make the Pike an exciting option. Remove the tool pod, and you can fit a fin drive — transforming your kayak in a few easy steps. Should you wish to add a propeller drive instead, not a problem; the Pike is fully compatible with Fin Drive or Propeller Drive. You have multiple upgrade options in one kayak.

Manufactured from robust 5mm Polyethylene, the Pike maintains its strength and longevity while taking nothing away from the sleek and fluid design.

A lot of thought went into the Pike’s hull design to optimise all the aspects needed for an enjoyable experience. With its shorter shape, the kayak is easy to maneuver, and with the double pontoon-shaped hull and swallowtail, the Pike’s stability is never in question.

The double pontoon hull allows the easy flow of water through the channels, increasing traction and increasing speed. Even though the Pike is a short kayak, the hull and shape create extra buoyancy, and the Pike has a comfortable carrying capacity of 190kgs. The additional weight capacity was a crucial element in this model’s design, and the Pike offers a lot of storage for a kayak of this size.

Like all the fin drives in our range, the Pike also has an easy-to-operate adjustable foot control or hand-controlled rudder system, and the system is interchangeable from one system to another. The deep, adjustable rudder provides great direct action and limits drift assisting speed maintenance. As a bonus, the rudder blades are compatible with the Bixpy motor. Should you wish to add a Trolling motor, there are brass inserts molded in at the stern of the kayak to make provision for a side motor mount.

Six removal scupper plugs on the deck, when removed, will release water in choppy conditions.

Storage is always a must on kayaks, and the Pike has a square hatch in front of the raised seat that opens up into the hull — perfect for those bigger catches. Should you take on some water from inserting your catch of the day or merely needing to rinse out the craft, there are two drainage holes at the stern that can easily unscrew to allow drainage water.

The bow, with its large flip-up hatch, and the stern, with its large bungee storage tank well, allows ample space to secure your gear.

When you are on the water for a long-time, comfort is highly appreciated which is why the Pike has a raised Deluxe Aluminium seat to assist. The seating is adjustable to recline or upright to your comfort needs, and the raised element keeps the water under the seat and not on you.

The Pike, fitted with a molded-in high or low seating position, makes for easy chair height adjustment. The low position for choppy conditions and the elevated position gives you an advantage over view of the water and added comfort.

The Pike has two accessory rails on either side of the kayak, which gives you the option of adding more rod holders and other equipment.

A Fish Finder can be mounted to the Pike easily as there is spacing built into the kayak’s hull for a transducer and cabling to run comfortably. The transducer plate protects your transducer, and under the transducer plate, you will find pre-assembled inserts to secure your transducer.

Overall, the Pike is a kayak with all the necessary elements to cater very comfortably to both the avid fisherman and recreational paddler alike.

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